Do you make customised and specially shaped windows in Sydney?
We are specialised in manufacturing various types of windows such as aluminium windows, glass and double-glazed windows. Besides their security, windows are designed to make use of light efficiently and ensure energy conservation at a high level. We also design customised windows according to the requirements of the customers in Sydney. So, we can create the windows you desire based on shape, size or colour.
What type of glass is used in glazed windows?
The most commonly used glass is low emissivity glass which promises high performance in temperature insulation. The glass used has an invisible layer of metal and a special coating that can be applied with different glazes, which can be used to combat different climatic conditions. The High-Solar-Gain glass is suitable for extreme winters due to its properties of reducing heat loss and increasing heat intake. Moderate-Solar-Gain glass is suitable for moderate climatic conditions as they help in reducing heat loss but do not obstruct light. Low-Solar-Gain glass is used to provide double glazed windows protection against strong UV rays.
Are your glazed windows and aluminium doors covered with a warranty?
Yes, all our aluminium windows in Sydney we provide are covered with unbeatable warranties. The warranty period of the windows depends upon their size, functionality, as well as various other factors. For any further queries contact us, we will help you in the best way possible.
How much care and maintenance do double glazed windows require?
Double glazed windows require only a little care and maintenance. You need to clean the window frames regularly, use a dehumidifier in the winter if you have sliding windows, avoid grit in tracks and runners, use vacuum cleaners to remove the grit and dirt.
Do you supply bifold doors and windows in Sydney?
Bifold doors enables a great amount of the doors to be swept aside, allowing you to maximise the space between your indoors and outdoors. This makes it a great choice for those that love having people over for events, parties and outdoor BBQs. We are the leading supplier of bifold doors and windows throughout Sydney. You will find that our products are of top-notch quality and are durable. We also provide customised services, so that you can create bifold doors and windows that easily blend with the rest of the room.
Do bifold doors need a bottom track to be installed?
Bifold doors don’t need a bottom track for installation, in fact you can choose between either top hung or bottom rolling bi fold doors. However bottom track rolling doors are known to have a smoother function that’s easier to use or move around. So we would suggest that you opt for a bottom track for your bifold doors.
What is the difference between your product and another manufacturer?
Miriam Projects proudly boasts of a 15-year strong success rate. This proves our devotion to accomplish any project fruitfully. Moreover, our bifold doors are one of the most eco-friendly and top-notch quality of their kind in Sydney. Even so, all this does not make us expensive. We deliver at extremely affordable rates without lowering the high attention to detail of our services.
Is the glass you use in the bifold door safe?
The glass that we use in our bifold doors is made quite strong enough. The frames of the bifold doors fit perfectly with the glass, making it easily safe for your ease of use. The glass used is also light-weight and bacteria-free. With a little maintenance, these are sure to last and remain strong and beautiful for a long time. They can also be installed with finger-safe and bump prevention features if you have kids around.
What is the difference between bifold doors and sliding doors?
The major bonus of having bifold doors over sliding doors is that the bifold doors open up the space completely. Contrarily, sliding doors either need to be slide left or right which makes it only 65%-70% open. However, the bifold needs space as the panels still need to be stacked. Thus, depending on the space available one should consider having either a bifold door or sliding door. Miriam Projects installs customised doors in both styles that offer the best quality and simple modern design.